The first business consultation and training agency in Latvia

BEST TRAINING AGENCY mission is finding the most suitable business consultation and training solutions for our clients by using all available resources in Latvia and abroad.

We specialise in soft skills training. Our resource of more than 50 different trainers, coaches and consultants can find solutions for the development of company managers, salespersons, procurement specialists, client service professionals and teams.

Our trainers are experts in topics ranging from management skills, presentation and sales skills, identification of priorities and time management to charismatic leadership, determination of strategic goals, moderation of board meetings, team and individual coaching sessions, as well as team building events. 

We create solutions that help!

It means that we:

  • will find the best possible method, consultant, instructor, coach, public speaker for the needs of a specific client;
  • evaluate the business and give our honest opinion on what would help even if it is not what the client has requested;
  • honestly refuse if we know that we cannot help and we suggest who to address;
  • are always working only in the best interests of the client, because our task is not selling a particular solution or coach;
  • are always on the side of our client.